When everything works well, it feels like magic. When everything breaks, it burns hard. This is worse especially when it's a actively engaging business process. Imagine you just referred a client to your website only to find out that they moved to another provider simply because they could not navigate around.

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Artistically Inspired

Stun your users with incredible artworks and interactivity that adds depth and sophistication to your applications yet maintain the simplicity balance.

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Customer Support

We've got your back

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Why Us?

Take a look at the picture on the left 

That is the usual thought af a software engineer. But that's not always the case.
At BlanCorp we will set up any kind of environment just to ensure that our business: being here for you, is not in vain.
We provide quality for your money. Every apect is taken into consideration, broken down. and all work towards delivering a unique, customized solution just for you.


Anywhere you use our software, it will work specifically to your requirements.

On Time Delivery

As you strive to meet your deadlines, we also work harder to meet our deadlines.

Easy & Fast on Mobile

In a technology time where most users are now using their mobile devices to access the internet on their mobile devices, we at BlanCorp ensure you also keep up.


We design our systems such that you do not explicitly need a mobile version of what you order. The web version is always compatible with all mobile devices.
Try for example, loading this site from different devices and check how it behaves.
Our tag-line of simplicity comes at play masively here by ensuring a user has the maximum possible effect of comfortably using your system.

Generating Leads

We optimise our systems to ensure that all the traffic from mobile devices has the same monetary value as that from PCs. This is because we believe that any customer is equal and we bring this as a requirement unless stated otherwise.