When everything works well, it feels like magic. When everything breaks, it burns hard. This is worse especially when it's a actively engaging business process.
It's great to design a system that is deployed in minimal time, pretty, and optimised.
But then using the numerous tools out there to achieve this uses insane time.

Here are some issues on moderm web systems that we solve:

 Dependency Overloading
At BlanCorp, you will be guaranteed that your website visitors, your portal visitors will have one of the fastest user experience on the web. If you mobile app relies on your online system too, it will enjoy the same super-fast loading times powered by our very own optimization engine.

 All In One Package
During our initialization of our contract with you, we keep it all in one bucket. We will not later contact you and require you to upgrade your package because for instance we want to move our centers to another location.
At BlanCorp, once we are in business, we guarantee that we will proceed providing all the services we offer you without having to tie you up to other third part vendors.
We deal with any other vendor for you, and you deal with your business.

We love to talk about simplicity. Actually "Simple is probably one of the most misused words in our industry.
If something is simple then you have to be an experienced developer to use it, right? But we come in to bridge that.

Take this website for instance. how can you gauge your ability to navigate and find out the relevant links and pages? That is what simplicity means to us.
We want your users to have a seamless experience between your website, your web portals and their dependent mobile applications.
An over-used quote by Antoine de Saint-Expury once said:

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
Appreciating the real simplicity is really a balance and overly misuderstood, but here at her at BlanCorp, we appreciate it as a quality is best software development.